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Mamod spare parts for stationary engines as well as the mobile engines are held in stock. It could be you need a whistle, a safety valve, a sight glass, a new piston and cylinder assembly, a new flywheel - if it fits onto a Mamod engine then we have probably got it. If you can't get your engine going, then give us a call - we can help.

MSS locomotives are now a popular way to enter into the fascinating hobby of live steam railways. We supply Starter Train Sets with everything ready to run, or the single locomotive and everything else in between, Needing MSS '0' gauge track, a tender to put with your loco or perhaps just some solid fuel tablets? If it is spares you need, we are here to help you.

Wilesco engines also require new spares from time to time. What normally happens is, an engine bought on eBay is missing a safety valve or perhaps a chimney. We carry many of the items that make up these attractive engines. So if your chimney is missing, your safety valve is leaking, your whistle spits at you, your engine lack power, we are able to tell you how to get it running properly.

We provide free, one to one personal service via our mobile phone. If you have a question, please call Trevor on 0777 552 1452.