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Drive Bands

Mamod Drive Bands for Mobile Engines and Mamod Workshop

Perfect for these Mamod models old and new:

  • Traction Engine
  • Steam Roller
  • Steam Wagon
  • Roadster Car*
  • All Stationary Engines
  • Workshop layout

 *The Roadster Car set of bands will fit the Van, Fire Engine and the London Bus.

A set of two Drive Bands.

These are for the Traction Engine TE1 TE1A and the Steam Roller SR1A.

One fitted to the model and one is a spare, or for your other engine.


A set of two Drive Bands of different sizes

  1. Small size is fitted to the Flywheel and Balance Wheel
  2. Large size fitted to the Balance wheel and rear Road Wheel

Suitable for current type Mamod Roadster SA1

Both Drive Bands on same side of car.


Roadster "Old Type" Drive Bands

So this set is suitable for models made with Drive Bands on each side of the car.

Two bands of different size supplied. 


Two Mamod Unjoined Drive Bands.

For use with any type of Stationary Engine with a pulley for the Drive Band. The bands are manufactured so that one end is screwed into the other to form joined up loop.



For Mamod Workshop WS1 Drive bands. Price is for FOUR bands


Drive Bands for the Mamod Workshop

Unjoined Band x 1 Joined Bands x 4

Next picture shows the screw ends of the Unjoined Drive Band.