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Which Rivets?

Mamod Steam Engines Repair Essentials - Mobile Engines 

To renovate or repair a Mamod Steam Engine it is often necessary to dismantle fitments and then reassemble with renovated or new spare parts.


It can seem a puzzling task if not carried out before.

The most often asked question is "What size rivets are required?"

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There are three rivet sizes for a Mamod Steam Engine repair.


Mamod Steam Engine Rivets



Aluminium Pop Rivet 3/32 inch. Four of these are used to hold the Fire Box to the Engine Cowl.



Aluminium Pop Rivet 1/8 inch. Two are used to hold the Engine Frame (crankshaft etc.) to the Engine Cowl. Two are used to secure the Smoke Box (chimney assembly) to the Boiler.



Copper Closed End Rivet 3.2 mm. Two are required to connect the Boiler to the Firebox (water level end).

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When you rivet the Fire Box and the Engine Cowl please make sure they are held tightly together. Otherwise the end result will be one wonky assembly that will look horrible upon completion.>