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Mamod Painting

To help you with the task of painting your Mamod or other steam engine, we have put together some advice which should de-mystify the finding of "correct" paint.

Firstly, there is no "correct" paint for most restoration projects. If you are a purist needing to get a perfect original match, you should really be going off to your local automotive body shop and discussing matching up.

For most people, an approximate similarity is adequate. You can do this quite successfully by popping along to Halfords where you will find a large number of colours or, as we tend to do, nip into B&Q/Homebase and finding a suitable colour there.

In the photograph shown above we obtained them from B&Q, Homebase and our local car parts shop.

So the choice of approach is yours. But, for the semi-purist the following may be helpful:

Red:  Ford Rosso red is good.
Green: Apple Green is one of the Mamod well known original colours, then followed by Emerald Green and now British Racing Green.
Black on the firebox must not be gloss but VHT paint with no primer or undercoat. Gloss can catch fire. VHT paint will always have a matt finish.

The following was published on a Mamod forum which you may find more specifically helpful:

You can Google these for more information:

Cream            Ral# 1015 Gloss 
Red                Ral# 3020 Gloss 
Green             Ral# 6005 Gloss 
Burgundy        Ral# 3005 Gloss 
Yellow             Ral# 1021 
Blue                Ral# 5015 Satin 
Black Ford 
Red (Belling)   Ral# 3003 
Grey               Ral# 7043