Drive Bands

A simple product but without them, the Mamod and many Wilesco engines would not run properly.

These are basically a long spring tightly wound. Although most Mamod people buy them for a specific engine the unjoined type can be cut if necessary and joined according to your precise requirements. To make a loop simply screw one end into the other. Easy!

These Drive Bands are only suitable for pre 1976 Mamod Roadster cars. 


Brand new Mamod Drive Bands (2) to fit the current type Mamod Roadster SA1 and variants. Post 1976.

Market price: £5.33 save 1%

Brand new Mamod Drive Bands for the Mamod Steam Wagon SW1. Set of 2 different sizes.

Market price: £5.49 save 4%

Brand new Mamod Workshop WS1 Drive bands. Price is for FOUR

See info.


Brand new Mamod Brive Bands for TE1/TE1A/SR1/SR1A. 2 BANDS SUPPLIED. That's the Traction Engine, Steam Roller, and the Steam Wagon.

Market price: £5.33 save 10%

Two brand new Mamod Unjoined Drive Bands

These are used in particular when it is necessary to connect from a pulley to a driven device, such as the Mamod Workshop.

The band is joined when the proper tightness is achieved, by cutting and joining (screwing one end into the other).

Once joined, it cannot normally be separated.

Market price: £5.49 save 9%