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Specialising in Mamod and MSS Steam.

Trading since 2004

It's a specialist subject, knowing what to buy, where to buy and then how to get your steam engine running properly. It's not about us maximising sales but it's all about responding to your requests for components and specific advice. We provide that advice completely without cost to you. We'll chat with you to ensure you get that engine running properly. We have the knowledge and components to sort out your problems for you. If you are a Mamod enthusiast we are here for you. If you love MSS garden rail, we have the products and the know-how.


Our postal address

Model Enthusiasts
Lower Station Road
West Sussex

Tel: 01273 493624/ 0777 552 1452


For Customer Service

Contact Trevor


Customer Service
Model Enthusiasts
Kasama, Lower Station Road
Henfield, W Sussex BN5 9UG


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Including Order tracking / Arrange refunds or exchanges / Arrange alternative payment methods / Special requests / Press enquiries.  shop@modelenthusiasts.com

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